Tuesday, June 19, 2007

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Seo Tips and Seo Tricks

There are some amazing tips which most of the SEO doesn’t follow or apply. These tips page ranking tips can be very useful and can bring a huge traffic to your site.

Long Keyword: - long keyword means a long keyword phrase. It has several benefits. A small keyword has more competitive and it is very difficult to bring your site in top ranking on these small keywords. On the other hand long keywords are less competitive and you can bring your website in well ranking by doing even little SEO work.

Valuable Traffic:-Second factor if some one making search by small keyword then no one can guess what he is looking for on the web. On the other hand if someone making a search by long key phrase it means that is looking for that particular service or product. We can understand it by an example if someone types SEO in Google or other search engines it means, that person may be looking for seo tips, seo overview, seo guide, seo services, seo consultants and so on. But when a person search seo consultants it means, that person is looking for seo consultants. So optimize your site on specific long key words so that you can get the real traffic and more valuable hits.

Bounce Rate:-If your bounce rate is low then your website can get a good page rank as well. Bounce rate defines the quality your content and useful information on the site. Bounce rate will be high if visitor is giving time to your site or not staying on your web site. On the other hand bounce rate will be less if visitor finds useful information and devotes more time on your web site. There is more chance to get a query.

RSS Feeds:- RSS Feeds have great importance in driving out the traffic for your site. RSS feeds make available fresh content to different search engines. All the search engines love fresh content so they finds content easily from RSS feeds and rank your web site good. Your web site gets huge traffic by these rss feeds. People click your title given in rss feeds and you get free website promotion through clicking these rss feeds.

Don’t Do Link Exchange:-
In Google updates it has been it has been mentioned that google gives more importance to way linking instead of two way linking. So always try to make one way linking to boost the rank of your web site. Don’t do link exchange because it is two way linking moreover it is very difficult to manage it properly. Instead of link exchange, you can create blogs as they have on way linking. It also has been seen in some cases that your links are removed from website. it means your are your website have outbound link instead of inbound. That will result in fall in ranking.

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