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Freelance Seo Services

As we all know that seo or we can say search engine optimization has become an need for website who want to gets high ranking and leads. There is no existence for a website in search engines like, and without a web promotion. So its very important to hire seo for a website.

If you own a website and want to promote it, there are two ways
1. Contact to a professional company for SEO
2. you can hire Freelance seo professionals

Professional SEO COMPANY vs Freelance SEO Services

Almost all the software companies are now providing SEO services, you can contact them for you website SEO. They will charge you higher a higher fee for SEO as compare to freelance seo. SO if you can afford higher fee, there are lots of companies waiting for you in the market. If you don’t have huge budget contact me. I am there for you.

I am an expert seo with more than 3 years of seo experience. You can contact me for freelance SEO for your website. You will get very affordable and high quality seo services. So now let’s talk about seo what i will do for your website.

General SEO Review
SEO – Search Engine Optimization, it is divided in two categories one is On Page SEO and another is OFF Page SEO.

ON Page SEO:-

1- Meta Tags Creation
(a) Title Tag Creation and Optimization
(b) Description Tag Creation and Optimization
(c) Keyword Tag Creation and Optimization

2- Content Optimization with proper keyword density
3- Image Optimization
4- Proper use of Heading Tags

OFF Page SEO:-

1- Creation of XML sitemap, txt Sitemap and all other if necessary like mobile sitemap etc
2- Robots.txt file creation
3- Analyzing Interlinking structure
4- Directory submission
5- Blogs Creation
6- Articles Submission
7- RSS feeds Submission
8- Link Building

(a) One Way
(b) Two Way
(c) Three Way
9- Social Media Bookmaking and optimization
10- Traffic Building through many other SEO Techniques

Be aware with unethical and black hat seo practices that can ban your website in search engines. For more information about seo and affordable high quality freelance seo services contact me though the form available above.

Apart it traffic diversion from classifieds is a nice way as well. I am expert in driving traffic from most popular classifieds though classified postings like craigslist postings, gumtree postings etc. I can provide you freelance seo writer services at affordable cost

Contact Me:
Name: Prabhat Kumar
Ph: 9213627091

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