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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Concept Overview

Seo is the first thing when one thinks for design a web site. Every one who want to publish a web site need search engine optimization for their web site. Search engine optimization covers two things first on page optimization off page optimization techniques.

Seo tips techniques and tricks


    1. Meta Tags- Title and Description tags are the most important Meta tags in on page optimization. Keep your title tag short and make it meaning. Try to create title of your web site in a manner that covers most of your primary key worlds in it. Description tag should be meaning full and it should not be filled with keywords.
    2. Keyword- Start key wording from most prior keywords then less.
    3. Content rich web page– Google love content so it is required to have your web page with rich and unique content and keep 5 to 20 percent keyword density.
    4. Page size- Try to keep your page size within 5k to 15k as spiders crawl less weight pages more easily as compare to heavy weight pages.
    5. Frame- Frame should not be used as it an obstacle in easy crawling of your web site.
    6. Alt Tag- This is the tag which sometimes ignored by and some time it is misused by the keyword stuffing. So use alt tag to increase the keyword density.
    7. H1 Tag- Use H1 tag for effective optimization as some search engine considers it important.
    8. Cross linking or Inter linking- Interlink your whole web site and remember any web page should not be far from 3 clicks from main index page.
    9. Browser Testing- Test your web site with all the common browsers.
    10. 301 redirection- Use tricks to solve with or without www problem which leaks page rank


  1. Directory Submission- Submit your site in most popular free directory only.
  2. Article Submission- Submit unique articles in popular articles site like Buzzle and Ezinearticles. This is the better way to get natural links.
  3. Blogs- Create blogs for increase web presence and link popularity of web site.
  4. Comment- Leave your comments with site URL in google chat forum and most popular blogs.
  5. RSS feeds- submit rss feeds for better web present and to get more traffic on your site.
  6. Link exchange- Exchange links from other well page ranked and relevant web sites. Always believe in quality link exchange not it quantity link exchange.
  7. Quality inbound links- Increase quality inbound links.
  8. Press Releases- it an effective way to increase the web site traffic and leads.

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Thanks for the post...very informative!! SEO Tricks are very useful indeed..

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Amichay Inbar

This is a simple overview on what Search Engine Optimization is. But before conducting the SEO itself, Keyword Research tool should be done in order to know what keywords to be optimized.

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Clear and brief data about the On-page and Off-page SEO. Very useful tips. Thanks for the information.