Friday, June 29, 2007

Latest seo tips tricks for supplement results

latest seo tips, seo tricks, and seo techniques as per search engine guidelines for supplement results.

If your website has got supplemented you need not to worry about that. There are most powerful seo tips tricks and techniques for website supplement. Here you will find most possible reasons for site supplement and their solutions.

What is website supplement: - Supplement concept and supplement theory only exists in Google search engine. Supplement pages are “ORPHAN” pages. These are the pages which don’t have their parents and relatives. In simple words supplement pages are those pages which have less or no back links from other sites. Google marks its supplemental stamp on those pages which are considered suspicious or less trusted. Apart it there are many other reasons for supplements results.

Website Supplement Reasons and their Solutions

Content duplicity: if you have copier content from some other sites they Google will stamp your site as Supplement Results. Google loves content and it gives more important to fresh content there fore it do not tolerate content stealing or copying from other sites.

Description Tag: Google may supplement your website if more than one pages of your site have same description on each page.

Title Tag: Google give more importance to Title as compare to keywords. Same title exists on more than on page of the same website. Google will mark it supplement results.

Read More Links: You will have seen world “read more….”on main pages. It means that some content part of liked web page you are showing on that page. It means content duplicity as same content is available in two pages. It also may results in supplement results.

Archives: your site may also be supplement due to archives pages. Under stand it by an easy example of blogs. If your blog has got supplemented then write this command “site:your blog url” you will find many archives with same title and description. It results in supplement pages.

Feeds and Atoms: due to feeds and atoms, your blog posts normally stamped supplement. Use the below code in robot.txt and soon you will find your site has been come out of supplement index.
User-agent: Googlebot
Disallow: /*/feed/$
Disallow: /*/feed/rss/$
Disallow: /*/trackback/$

A site with “www” or without www: Check your site with www and without www prefix. If site is running bot prefix it means your site has tow pages with same name one is with www and another is without www. Google consider it two different-different sites, therefore it results in supplement website and also in leakage of website page rank. Make permanent redirection by using “301 Redirect

Unethical Seo tips and techniques: using unethical seo techniques or black hat seo techniques for website promotion may also put your site in supplemental hell. So use ethical seo tips tricks and techniques for better website promotion.

Nofollow: If you have created new url in place of old for your existing site and you have not use nofollow tag. It means duplicate content page and Google will mark new page as supplement results.

If your website is new then in its initial stage it will not have back links. So Google can supplement your site, but don’t worries as you work hard for your site and do seo work for some time on your site, you will find your site not only out of supplement results but also at good ranking position. Use these latest and new seo tips, seo techniques and seo tricks as per search engine guidelines, you will find your website out of supplemental results.

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Friday, June 22, 2007

Link Exchange Seo Tips Tricks

To bring your site in top 10 ranking in major search engines your site should have link popularity. Most of the seo experts rank well their web sites in major search engines Due to Link Exchange. Here are some seo tips tricks and techniques for link exchange, now it is your time to do that…….

Link exchanging seo tips, seo tricks and precautions

You should always try to exchange link with relative website so that your web site can get more valuable and huge traffic. If you are getting valuable traffic your website page rank will boost the reason is that visitor will devote some times if your site content good and you offering his desired services and solutions.

When you exchange links with other site always remind that description should be good and brief. So that visitor should know what solutions and services you are offering, it may be seo tips, seo services, internet marketing services, product etc.

Always try to exchange links with quality link partners it means their web site should have a greater page rank and as well as good ranking. As the search engines rely on quality linking so it plays a very important role in search engine optimization.

Make your anchor text (link text) mare descriptive so that visitor could easy get an quick idea about your website.

Always try to monitor all your partners' website whether they are loyal or not. It has been seen that most of the webmaster normally remove links from their site to increase the number of one way link or inbound links. It will result in increase their ranking but results in decrease in your website ranking. You should always remind not to remove your partner's links from your site.

Be aware from fraud. There are many sites which free for all links program. Their aim is fraud and fraud, they takes your email and address that results in spam mails in your inbox.

It is also to be noticed that link partner’s web page should be linked with the home page of your site. Otherwise it is not worthy.

If you have offering lots of services and many products then make proper category for that so that various link partners should be listed in their respective and relative category.

Don't make all world of your link text capital.

Don't request for link exchange if your website is under construction as many webmaster don't accepts these kinds of link exchanging request.

Don't try to show off and make false statements about your web site popularity, your link popularity and other major factors.

Keep try to update you self with new seo tips tricks and techniques, seo updates and latest seo tips and guidelines. Updating is the only secret to be a seo expert.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Traffic Rank Building SEO Tips Tricks High Web Site Promotion Ranking Search Engine Ranking Tips Tricks

Seo Tips and Seo Tricks

There are some amazing tips which most of the SEO doesn’t follow or apply. These tips page ranking tips can be very useful and can bring a huge traffic to your site.

Long Keyword: - long keyword means a long keyword phrase. It has several benefits. A small keyword has more competitive and it is very difficult to bring your site in top ranking on these small keywords. On the other hand long keywords are less competitive and you can bring your website in well ranking by doing even little SEO work.

Valuable Traffic:-Second factor if some one making search by small keyword then no one can guess what he is looking for on the web. On the other hand if someone making a search by long key phrase it means that is looking for that particular service or product. We can understand it by an example if someone types SEO in Google or other search engines it means, that person may be looking for seo tips, seo overview, seo guide, seo services, seo consultants and so on. But when a person search seo consultants it means, that person is looking for seo consultants. So optimize your site on specific long key words so that you can get the real traffic and more valuable hits.

Bounce Rate:-If your bounce rate is low then your website can get a good page rank as well. Bounce rate defines the quality your content and useful information on the site. Bounce rate will be high if visitor is giving time to your site or not staying on your web site. On the other hand bounce rate will be less if visitor finds useful information and devotes more time on your web site. There is more chance to get a query.

RSS Feeds:- RSS Feeds have great importance in driving out the traffic for your site. RSS feeds make available fresh content to different search engines. All the search engines love fresh content so they finds content easily from RSS feeds and rank your web site good. Your web site gets huge traffic by these rss feeds. People click your title given in rss feeds and you get free website promotion through clicking these rss feeds.

Don’t Do Link Exchange:-
In Google updates it has been it has been mentioned that google gives more importance to way linking instead of two way linking. So always try to make one way linking to boost the rank of your web site. Don’t do link exchange because it is two way linking moreover it is very difficult to manage it properly. Instead of link exchange, you can create blogs as they have on way linking. It also has been seen in some cases that your links are removed from website. it means your are your website have outbound link instead of inbound. That will result in fall in ranking.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Seo Optimization Tips Tricks Search Engine Optimization Tips Tricks Google Optimization Facts Yahoo MSN Optimization Tips Tricks

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Concept Overview

Seo is the first thing when one thinks for design a web site. Every one who want to publish a web site need search engine optimization for their web site. Search engine optimization covers two things first on page optimization off page optimization techniques.

Seo tips techniques and tricks


    1. Meta Tags- Title and Description tags are the most important Meta tags in on page optimization. Keep your title tag short and make it meaning. Try to create title of your web site in a manner that covers most of your primary key worlds in it. Description tag should be meaning full and it should not be filled with keywords.
    2. Keyword- Start key wording from most prior keywords then less.
    3. Content rich web page– Google love content so it is required to have your web page with rich and unique content and keep 5 to 20 percent keyword density.
    4. Page size- Try to keep your page size within 5k to 15k as spiders crawl less weight pages more easily as compare to heavy weight pages.
    5. Frame- Frame should not be used as it an obstacle in easy crawling of your web site.
    6. Alt Tag- This is the tag which sometimes ignored by and some time it is misused by the keyword stuffing. So use alt tag to increase the keyword density.
    7. H1 Tag- Use H1 tag for effective optimization as some search engine considers it important.
    8. Cross linking or Inter linking- Interlink your whole web site and remember any web page should not be far from 3 clicks from main index page.
    9. Browser Testing- Test your web site with all the common browsers.
    10. 301 redirection- Use tricks to solve with or without www problem which leaks page rank


  1. Directory Submission- Submit your site in most popular free directory only.
  2. Article Submission- Submit unique articles in popular articles site like Buzzle and Ezinearticles. This is the better way to get natural links.
  3. Blogs- Create blogs for increase web presence and link popularity of web site.
  4. Comment- Leave your comments with site URL in google chat forum and most popular blogs.
  5. RSS feeds- submit rss feeds for better web present and to get more traffic on your site.
  6. Link exchange- Exchange links from other well page ranked and relevant web sites. Always believe in quality link exchange not it quantity link exchange.
  7. Quality inbound links- Increase quality inbound links.
  8. Press Releases- it an effective way to increase the web site traffic and leads.

Know more about Web site traffic and Supplement problems Seo Expert

us for latest seo news, tips to keep yourself updated in search engine optimization.

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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Seo Tips Tricks For RSS Feed, Concept and Advanctage

SEO Tips and RSS Feeds Overview and Merits

What is RSS Feed: -

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. RSS feeds are used for updating your web content for Blog, Site and Articles. It is one of the best ways that update you web content and makes them available for the readers. RSS Feeds Reader is a tool that is used to real RSS feeds and so they are called as RSS FEED READERS.

Why we use RSS Feeds:-

RSS is based on XML that is extensible markup language. Mostly used RSS types are RSS 1.0 and RSS 2.0. Data in xml format is very easy to spread over the internet and make them available for users. It enables quick implementation by the web sites.

RSS role in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

As we all know that google and other search engines love fresh content. If your site is continuously updated, than your site will be quickly promoted as well able to get a well page rank. XML describe your web site data in markup language that is such as html. Search Engine spiders or crawlers read you web site updated data without any problem. It provides an easy crawling of your updated content to the web spiders or crawlers. These are the merits and benefits of RSS….

1 makes search engine spiders and users both to read updated information of your site easily.
2 Search engines provide good ranking as crawler easily understand your web site content.
3 provide an easy way to update your web content without any extra work on your part.
4 Best way to promote blogs as more readers and people subscribe to your blog you blog gets the more publicity on the internet.
5 Spiders visit frequently if your web site content is updated continuously using RSS.
6 provide user a clear view of all the updated content thus user can make an easy selection of the feeds he wants to read as per headlines.
7 it is know as widely known technique.
8 it offer an automated content delivery.
9 it increased your web page presence on the web.

How to improve Performance of your RSS Feeds

Seo Tips Tricks for Rss Feeds Performance

You all know about RSS and its importance in seo. Rss feeds provide the exposure for your website on the net. There are some seo tips and tricks to increase the performance of your rss feeds. These seo tips will optimize RSS Feeds for search engines.

Google gives more importance to the title tag so try to make your feeds title meaningful. Title should be like that which tells best about your site and it should be incorporated with important search keywords. If your title is good and meaningful with proper keywords, you can get the maximum exposure on the web.

It has been seen that most of the feeds reader use alphabetical order for feeds presentation. It means if your feed begins with “Z” it will come in the last on the other hand if your feed starts with “A” it will be available if starting.

If you are giving external links in you content that always remember that it should be open in new browser instead of same. It will help to keep the visitors on your own website.

Submit RSS feed to many popular directories for better performance. There are many directories which accept Rss Feeds.

Use your logo or images in your RSS Feeds. It will increase your business identity, nature.

These are some of the most important seo tips tricks for Rss feeds will definitely improve performance of your web feeds or rss feeds.

Remember: -

Doesn’t use java script to describe RSS fees as spiders stop their feet when they find java script it their way. Therefore your content will be updated in script but actually it is not so. As when any web spider comes for crawling and finds java script code than it will leave that portion. So your web site content or cache page remains same in google index that affects your promotional activities.

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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Search Engine Guidelines Google MSN Yahoo Seo Tips Tricks Services India

Some SEO guidelines are common for all google, Yahoo and MSN but some SEO guidelines are different also. To well rank a web site in particular search engines, it is required to have good knowledge of all the SEO Tips Tricks and SEO Guidelines.

As Per Yahoo SEO Guidelines it says that.....

Your web site should be based on quality: - It means web site should have rich content. Web site content should be original and should no be copied from other sites. Always try to write content in your own wordings.

Web site should have more pages as it can: - According to yahoo a rich content web site that have more that 100 pages fetch the attention of mostly search engines. So try to add more pages as you can in your exiting web site.

Link exchanges: - Link exchanges are very compulsory as per yahoo guidelines. Basically it is required by all most all the search engines. As many as your website have quality links, changes of a well page rank and good ranking will be more.

Update your content: - An updated site keeps have good ranking and get higher page rank provided website content should be continuously updated.

Keywords: - Yahoo still has keywords importance so fill each of your web pages with targeted keywords but not do keyword stuffing.

As Per Google SEO Guidelines it says that.....

Rich content: - Design your web site with rich and quality content. Google says that your content quality should be unique that describe your product well. Content should not be copied from other side. A Unique content rich site well optimized in Google.

Product information- Content quality should be accurate and as per your product. It shout be clear and easy to understand as per visitor point of view.

Title tag: - Google give high importance to title of your web page. So try to make unique and descriptive title that can cover your mostly targeted keywords in it but should not go beyond the given limit.

Description tag: - After title tag Google give importance to description tag so unique description for each page of your web site. It should not be same in two or more pages; it may result in supplemental issue due to content duplicity.

Broken links: - if your sit have any broken link than it can create a problem for search engines spiders. So check your web site urls.

Images V Text: - Google gives more importance to text as compare to images. Therefore use text instead of images to describe product title or important names or links.

Alt Tag : - Alt tag should be descriptive and accurate that best describe your product and services. Alt tag should not be stuffed with keywords.

Static and Dynamic: - Spiders find ease in crawling a site that is of static nature. Spiders finds difficulties in indexing a dynamic website and the problem comes when it comes at url which contain symbols like "?" instead of text. It is very difficult for spiders to keep it in its database. On the other hand a static web site a easily crawled and indexed by all the spiders.

Keyword density: - Check key word density of targeted keyword in web page content. It should be not be access.

Text Link hierarchy: - Make suitable and well text link hierarchy that user san easily view and understand better. If websites all links are in proper order than it will give and easy excess of user desired web page. No one wants trouble in searching out desired pages.

Limit year link less than 100:- as per Google quantity of links on a given web page should be under 100 and not more than that.

As Per MSN SEO Guidelines it says that.....

Keywords: - Keywords plays an importance role for web site optimization in MSN, so never forget keywords significance which is less in Google but more in yahoo and MSN.

Content: - Apart from Google MSN loves keywords density so plays good quantity of keywords phrases between your content. But in Google it is considered span placing more keywords above limit. MSN also loves fresh contents as Google.

On page Optimization: - MSN give more emphasis for “on page optimization techniques “rather than off page optimization. So if you want to rank well your site in MSN than concentrate more for “on page optimization techniques”, but don’t forget to do off page optimization along with as it is required by all the search engines along with MSN.

Broken link: - MSN state your web site should not have broker links so check html url links property.

robot.txt: - robot.txt file should be used for giving instructions how MSNBOt index your site in its database. Robot.txt plays equal importance in other search engines as well.

Description Tag: - Plays well descriptive content in description tag for every web page as it has great importance for both google and msn.

Content and Page Limit: - Fresh content are loved by the MSN but content limit for each and every web page should not be access the prescribed limit that is 150 kb.

Keyword sensitive: - Msn is keyword sensitive search engine so place all your targeted keywords in content and keywords tag.

Each web page should described about one topic which is good as per MSN SEO Tips and Guidelines and each page is accessible by at least one static text link.

All these three are the major search engines and your site will automatically rank if your optimize your site as per these seo tips tricks and seo Guidelines

Contact for

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Sunday, June 3, 2007

Tips to Design SEO Friendly Website

SEO TIPS for seo friendly guidelines.

If you are planning to design a search engine friendly website you need to take some important points into consideration. Designing your web site as per these SEO search engine friendly tips and Guidelines will help your site in good ranking and efficient web promotion and also provide and easy crawling for the spiders.

What is SEO friendly website: - A search engine friendly web site is a web site rank well in the search engines and can be easily found in the search engines. In simple words it should be formatted and designed in way that provides easy understanding for user and easily indexed by the search engines.

Use Div Layers instead of HTML table: - use of div layer in palace of old html table is more search engine (SEO) friendly that provides and easy crawling to web spiders and crawlers.

Researching for the keywords: -
Search for those targeted keywords search by the net surfer most. But keep in mind the traffic of these keywords. First try to search out least competitive keywords that are mostly searched out.

HTML as well as XML Site map: - Submit html sitemap as well as xml site map which enables visitors and web spiders to understand the changes you have made on your web site.

Validate web site pages: - Html and CSS validation is very essential for a search engine friendly website.

Remove any broken and dead link: - Remove deal or broker link from the web site as they reduces your web site credibility. These links are not goods for search engine friendly website.

Design a site that is seo friendly is not so complicated but you need to have good communication between content developer, graphic designer and SEO analyst as at the same time you have to give a special attention to the site's architecture Hope these SEO Tips Tricks and Techniques will help you for Search Engine Optimization.

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